A place to pay tribute to our loved ones

Over the past few months my wife and I have had the opportunity to create a space in our garden that we’ve designed to be a place of tranquility.  The main reason for creating this space was to pay tribute to a family members that have passed.  It’s a spot in the garden that is an escape from the pressures of our day to day lives, it offers an opportunity to sit back and relax.  I’d like to say it’s a place to ‘stop and smell the roses’ however we’ve chosen to plant a variety of bromeliads, we’ve created a spot to relax that is screened off from the street, there’s a couple of large pots we’ve converted into fish pods.

Not only days it allow us a space to remember our loved ones it also allows for us to create other pieces of art, furniture and sculptures.  This provides us with an outlet to express ourselves.

It’s been an extremely satisfying process to design, plan, get our hands dirty, build the sculptures, plant to gardens. We’ve installed 12V outdoor lights so we can enjoy our refugee even at nighttime.

So each time I visit our new garden space I’m reminded of the good times spent with those friends and families that are no longer with us.  I’m looking forward to seeing our garden grow. I’m also deeply satisfied that we have created a lovely space to contemplate the happy memories we have of our loved ones that are no longer with us.

Do you have a special place to celebrate and remember loved ones that may have passed?