Preparing the Wedding Ceremony – insights

Today I’ve spent most of the day preparing my first Wedding Ceremony for a same-sex couple that I have the pleasure of performing my Celebrant Services at later in the year.

While most of the work involved in creating a perfect Wedding Ceremony there have been some subtle differences during the crafting of the ceremony.

I base the Wedding Ceremony on the information I glean from interviewing the marrying couple.  During the interview I get a strong sense on the couple’s connection and the journey they have been on to get to the stage in their life to commit to each other as a married couple.

However for this couple they have know and loved each other for more than 20 years and they have been engaged for almost 18 years.  Their reason for not getting married any earlier was because it was not considered legal until this year.  It’s the first time a couple have explained to me the restrictions this legal decision has had on them.

I thank this couple so much for sharing with me their story of the struggle to be recognised as a legally married couple.

And hopefully I have reflected this bond and desire to be with each other in the Wedding Ceremony I’ve drafted for them.

I’m about to email the first draft of the Wedding Ceremony and I’m keen to get their feedback.