What did you consider to be the best part of getting married?

With a wedding coming up for me to officiate this weekend and having just completed a wedding ceremony for another couple earlier this morning, I started thinking about what people consider to be the best part of getting married.

Being a celebrant I get to meet and talk to a lot of couples about getting married.  Couples love to let me know the plans and ideas they have for their special day. 

If you’re already married what part of getting married meant the most to you:

Was it the planning involved in making your dream wedding day come alive

Or maybe the idea of getting dressed up and feeling special on your wedding day

Or was it writing your own vows and knowing your loved one would get to hear your inner feelings about them.

Perhaps having your friends and loved ones around you was the special part of getting married.

Maybe the reception was your favourite part of your wedding day.

Of course there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to your favourite memory from your wedding day, we are all different and enjoy different aspects.

For couples preparing for their wedding day I hope you get to enjoy all aspects to getting married (although I do understand that it’s a stressful time) but I hope when you look back at your wedding day you’ll have happy memories.

As a Marriage Celebrant I do everything within my powers to make sure the people I marry enjoy the process of preparing their wedding ceremony, so at least when they look back at their wedding photos (or video) of their ceremony happy memories come to mind.  I do my utmost to make it a moment the married couple’s will remember for the rest of their lifes.

If you’re think about getting married in Coffs Harbour (or any where on the Coffs Coast region) and need a Coffs Harbour Wedding Celebrant  I’d really love to hear from you, check out my website today.