Thoughts from this Marriage Celebrant

This week I’ve had a couple of client interviews and after each of the interviews I’m reminded of how much I enjoy my role as a Marriage Celebrant.

Both of my meetings with the upcoming married couples were essentially for the same reason, and that was to get the Notice Of Intended Marriage form signed and for me to sight the couples Proof of Identity documents.  Getting time to spend time with the couples that I’m going to marry makes the connection stronger and I believe that connection plays an important role when it comes to the actual wedding ceremony.

Plus I get to see how the couples interact with each other and I think I use that information when I create their bespoke wedding ceremony.

I love getting the chance to ask the personal questions about how they met, for vision for the future together and why they have decided to get married.  Sometimes couple’s struggle with responding to some of my questions but I think that’s mainly because they don’t normally take time out of their daily lives to think about the connection they have with the person they are planning to marry.  I hope that the couple’s also enjoy the meetings we have and enjoy thinking about the love, devotion and commitment they have for the person they plan on marrying