It’s time for your input

As a Coffs Harbour Wedding Celebrant I’m keen to know your thoughts about me creating a sequence of videos relating to life as a celebrant.

The idea popped into my head a few weeks ago about video blogging and I was hoping to get your input on the concept.

Would you like to see a series of videos about different aspects of being a Marriage Celebrant?

I’d really like your input about any topics you’d like covered.  So far I’m thinking as a set of videos about venue locations – the pros and cons. Preparing for your interview with your Marriage Celebrant.  What’s all the paperwork required to get married.  Funny wedding moments I’ve experienced.  Eloping versus the complete wedding.

Can you think of any other topics you think pre-married couples may be interested in learning about when it comes to the role of a Marriage Celebrant?  I’d really appreciated your ideas, thoughts and feedback.