What’s your ideal wedding destination?

I’ve just come back from a lovely vacation on the Coral Coast of Fiji.  The location was idyllic and as I relaxed by the pool the views around the resort were magnificent and I wondered if couple’s would choose the resort for their wedding destination.

What would you base your decision on? Memories, Cost, Proximity to family and friends?

There are many things to consider when choosing your wedding ceremony destination and when I interview clients that I’m marry I make sure I ask why they chose their wedding location. Most of the time the reason couple’s choose their wedding destination is because the location has a significant meaning to them. Another strong reason for choosing their wedding destination is because of the surroundings.  I’ve married couple’s on the beach, on headlands with a 270° view, on the river banks, on the lawns of resorts, at the couple’s home, in a paddock in the country.  Each wedding destination has special significance for the couple’s and I think that is important for the couple.

Regardless of the location I’m 100% confident that when two people are marrying that their love and connection can make any destination work.

I did enjoy my time on holiday looking at the resort through the eyes of someone looking for their dream wedding destination, what is your dream holiday destination?