So your big day has finally arrived and you’re on your way to getting married, as a celebrant I’m wondering how I can best support you and your partner on your special day.

I always will arrive at any wedding ceremony that I’m a celebrant for at least 30 minutes before the bride is due to arrive.  I need a bit of time to setup but after I’m done doing that how can I best help you and your partner.

Would you like me to keep the groom focussed and stay with him until the bride arrives?

Would you like me to periodically check in with the groom and let him know what’s the last moment he has before the bride appears?

Would you like me to mingle with guests as they arrive?

Would you like me just to stay off to the side and wait for the ceremony to commence?

I’m considering asking these kind of questions when I interview potential clients for wedding cermeonies and just wanted to get some feedback from people reading this post. Please let me know your thoughts.

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