Why get married?

As a Coffs Harbour Wedding Celebrant almost the first question I ask the couple I’m marrying is ‘Why are you getting married?‘.

It’s seemingly a pretty simple question but the answers can reveal quite alot, three simple words ‘Why get married?’.

Especially when I ask the couple the question in front of each other. The question isn’t a trick question, there’s no right or wrong answer. What it does provide me when I ask it is a sense of connection between the couple getting married. You can see when a couple that are ready to get married are truly ready by their connection, their body language and the way they listen to each other’s responses.

I think it’s a great first question and it really gets to the point of the matter quickly. And based on people’s responses is how I go about putting together there ceremony.

Sure there’s a lot more questions they need to asked and answered to craft a wedding ceremony but I think the question ‘why get married? is the most important question. Of course if you’ve got other questions you think are more important I’d love to hear your thought

So if you’re think about getting married in Coffs Harbour (or any where on the Coffs Coast region) and need a Coffs Harbour Wedding Celebrant¬† I’d really love to hear from you, check out my website today.