The end of someone’s life

This past week has been one of the hardest of my life as my sister and I said our farewells to our father. 

Our dad was struck down with pneumonia and despite the best efforts of all the hospital staff, the infection got the better of him. We had not expected to lose our father so suddenly, we always imagined he would continue living an independent lifestyle for many years to come.

We had the opportunity to sit with him as he passed and although we are grateful he is no longer in pain he will still be missed.

My sister and I had many discussions about his wishes after he had passed and although our father just wanted his ashes spread near one of his favourite spots and not to have any type of ceremony – we thought it is important to bring people together so they have an opportunity to celebrate his life and process the loss of our father.

It’s important to allow people to grieve at the lose of someone that has provided them with memories.  Bringing people together to mourn and grieve will help the healing process.  So although it may be going against our dad’s wishes we believe it is important for family and friends to have the opportunity to come together and share stories and thoughts of our dad. We may not end up having a typical funeral service but we will a memorial which unites people that knew our father, so we can celebrate his life and share stories about him and for some of us it will confirm his passing.

And as a funeral celebrant I think having a simple memorial service is appropriate.

Vale Michael Edmund King 29/06/1936 – 14/03/2017