Marriage Equality – why the delay?

In October last year I started my journey as a Celebrant in the Coffs Harbour region and when I was putting my website together and working on the list of services I’m going to provide to potential clients my information about ‘Commitment Ceremonies‘ was only going to be temporary as we seemed destined for Marriage Equality in Australia.

I felt for sure with the election out of the way it would be an easy decision to allow for a simple change in the Australian Marriage Act to allow for same sex couples to be be able to marry in the same way that a man and woman can marry.  So what’s with the delay?

I did a quick google on the topic and I can see there’s been some progress with a senate report released in mid February indicating some sort of progress.  Click here for the article I read on the Marriage Equality website.

But to me it’s a no-brainer, just change the Marriage Act and introduce marriage equality in Australia.  I want to be able to marry any couple that are in love and are prepared to commit to each other for as long as they live. 

I’m surprised that the topic seems to have dropped of the media cycle.