What do you expect from a wedding celebrant!

As a Celebrant my gift to people is in preparing and delivery ceremonies to couples (and families). I recently came across an article from my Celebrancy community, that had a picture of a celebrant/presenter holding a book titled ‘This is Your Life’. And that got me thinking that for your next wedding anniversary how special would it be to have a professional celebrant conduct a special Wedding Anniversary along the theme of the TV show ‘This is Your Life’

Also this would take the pressure of all the blokey blokes that aren’t interested in a renewal their wedding vows. But instead here’s an opportunity to show your love and affection for each other by running it along the lines of ‘This is Your Life’. Together with your celebrant you could craft a delightful, meaningful, sincere and appropriately funny ceremony for your wedding anniversary.

I’m sure most of you remember the format of the show – we could do the same style where you invite long lost friends and family to your anniversary and relive old memories. Perhaps even re-enacting parts from your wedding day, display a slideshow of the photos of you growing as a couple.

Really it’s just an opportunity to celebrate your wedding – when I read the article I thought it would appeal to some people so I just wanted to pass the idea on to people that might be interested in such a ceremony.

So if you have a wedding anniversary coming up shortly or know someone that might like the ‘This is Your Life’ type of wedding ceremony please contact me, I’m also considering offering a discount for this type of ceremony because I think it would be fun to help design and deliver.


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