Wedding location – does it really matter?

In years gone by it seemed that there were only two places to get married – the church or the local registry office.

But nowadays the only limitation to where you can get married is from either your imagination or your budget.

If you’re not religious don’t feel that you’re obliged to get married in a church and if not loathe bureaucracy then the last place to make you feel comfortable or special would be to get married in a registry office.

Take the time to discuss with your partner where you’d like to get married.  Make it a special place that will bring you happy memory when you look back at your wedding day.

I have happy memories of my wedding day, my wife and I got married in the outdoors in a rose garden.  When we go past the rose garden I’m reminded of our happy wedding day. It was in spring, which meant the flowers where blooming and we managed to have blue skies throughout the ceremony.

So, I suggest if you’re wondering where you’d like to celebrate your wedding, take you time and choose a location that is special to you and your partner.  Once you’ve decided the location then you can look at other logistics – like how people will be able to attend and if you’ll need to organise seating. Or what your backup plan will be if the weather doesn’t play nicely.

As a Coffs Harbour Wedding Celebrant I may be bias! 

Living on the Coffs Coast (and working as a Coffs Harbour Wedding Celebrant) I may be a bit bias – I think we have some of the best outdoor wedding locations, the beach is a great place to get married at, Coffs Harbour has many resorts that also offer great locations to get married.  Or if you prefer the rainforest as a location for your ceremony then there are some wonderful locations close by to Coffs Harbour.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the location/venue you’d choose for your wedding day.

If you’re think about getting married, or maybe thinking of renewing your wedding vows, I’d really like to hear from you, check out my website today.

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