Traditionally weddings are held on a Saturday – or are they?

I’ve had a chance to research the days of the week people are getting married and it appears that is just doesn’t have to be a Saturday wedding day.  As a Coffs Harbour Celebrant my intention is to give the happy couple a ceremony that reflects the love they share for each other and it day this ceremony is performed just doesn’t matter.

But why would you get married on a day other than Saturday?  There are many reasons why it doesn’t have to be a Saturday to celebrate your special occasion, here are my thoughts.

The wedding venue may actually offer you a better deal if you pick a mid-week wedding day (saving money can be a big motivation)

Friends of ours recently attended a wedding held in Coffs Harbour on a Friday afternoon, the flew in on the Friday morning, attended a lovely ceremony in the afternoon and enjoyed the wedding reception during the evening.  Then on the Saturday and Sunday they had the chance to attend a couple of informal wedding gatherings, as well as getting some time to relax and enjoy a weekend away from there busy lifes.

You could also want to get married on Valentines Day, and unless you want to wait seven years for Valentines Day to fall on a Saturday, does it really matter what day of the week it is?

Perhaps you just want a quiet intimate wedding ceremony at a location that is normally busy on the weekends, for example the picturesque Coffs Harbour Jetty beach. It’s bound to be less busy mid-week, so maybe a Wednesday would be a quieter day for your ceremony.

It can also come down the actual date. Normally July has the lowest number of weddings (people don’t seem to get married in the middle of winter) but on the 7th of July 2007 almost 1700 couples picked that day to get married (almost 9 times more than the average number of weddings in the month of July) so the pattern of a date may have something to do with it ’07/07/07′

In the end I don’t think it makes a difference what day of the week you choose to get married. So long as you are both happy and enjoy the day – that’s the main thing.  If you’re thinking of getting married, or even thinking of renewing your vows and you’re looking for a celebrant that will perform the ceremony on the day of your choosing then contact me (your Coffs Harbour Celebrant) today.

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